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Write these down, you can easily deal with the error problem of the tensile testing machine
date:2022-03-04 popularity:21 Collection

The tensile testing machine itself is a test equipment, and it is normal to have errors, but if the equipment itself has errors, let alone a test. Generally speaking, the main factors that cause machine failure include the following:

When the engine is not installed horizontally, friction will occur between the working piston and the working cylinder wall, resulting in errors. Usually manifested as a positive error, the error decreases with increasing load. Test the solution for the unstable rotation of the force sensor pointer. The unstable rotation of the test force sensor pointer means that the test force sensor pointer shakes or jumps when the testing machine is loaded. The cause of this failure may be that the air in the oil pump is not completely expelled, or there is oil on the piston and bearings. The way to eliminate this failure is to:

1. Completely remove the air in the oil pump.

2. Thoroughly clean or polish the load cell and piston, and replace the cylinder or piston of the load cell.

3. Thoroughly clean the relevant bearings with gasoline, drop an appropriate amount of instrument oil (avoid dripping on the reading plate) to lubricate the bearings; replace the corroded bearings. Upon completion, the testing machine must be verified with a Class III standard test force transducer.

When the tensile testing machine is not installed horizontally, friction will occur between the bearings of the pendulum shaft, which is usually regarded as a negative difference. This error should be resolved by:

1. First check whether the tester is installed horizontally. Use a frame level to level the main unit on the outer ring of the working cylinder (or column) in two mutually perpendicular directions.

2. Adjust the front and rear heights of the test force sensor before the pendulum, align the edge of the pendulum with the edge of the pendulum and fix the internal mark, and use the level to lean against the side of the pendulum. The swing bar can adjust the left and right level of the body.

In general, it is rare that a tensile testing machine is suddenly damaged, and most of the failures are caused by the gradual development of minor wear of the parts. Deterioration and failure can be prevented if signs of failure are detected and eliminated at an early stage of component wear or deterioration. If this happens, equipment inspection is a very effective means to detect hidden dangers in advance by detecting early symptoms.