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About the characteristics of foam indentation hardness testing machine, there are 7 points to share with you
date:2022-03-04 popularity:20 Collection

The foam indentation hardness testing machine simplifies the operation steps, does not require manual calculation, and has basically realized intelligent automatic measurement. Makes the application group more extensive, widely used in: rubber, plastic, wire and cable, electrical appliances, sports equipment, tires, glass products, cemented carbide, new material research experiments and other industries. Commonly used sponges are made of wood cellulose fibers or foamed plastic polymers. Also, there are sponges made from spongy animals, most of which are used for body cleaning or painting. In addition, there are three types of synthetic sponges made of other materials. They are polyether (non-absorbent sponge), polyvinyl alcohol (highly absorbent material, no obvious pores) and polyester. The reliability of this series of products has been further improved. It mainly solves the common problems such as unstable measurement, inaccurate data, crash, button failure, bending of the hanging wire, easy contact of the hanging rail, and easy breakage of the container groove in other products on the market. question.

This equipment is specially customized for the convenience of customers to measure the hardness of foam materials. It is suitable for measuring the hardness of soft foam materials and polyurethane foam rubber products. It is different from other hardness testers in the measurement and use. The presser foot is in direct contact with the specimen and uses its own weight as the dynamometric load. The foam indentation hardness tester can store multiple test methods and restore the data. Directly print out A4 or letter paper test reports, including test results, statistical analysis and testing. Load cell 500% protection, optional units: N, kgf, lbf, mm and inches. The full Chinese computer system application program has the advantages of strong functions and easy operation. It is pre-programmed with a number of international standard test methods, in line with ASTM, ISO, BS and other standards, and customers can directly use it.

  main feature:

1. Quickly and directly read the bulk density, apparent density and wet density of various sponges, foams, packaging materials, buffer materials and other similar polymer products;

2. It can also directly read data such as volume, open pore volume, closed pore volume, closed porosity, water absorption rate, expansion rate, mass and volume change rate;

3. Using one-piece large-capacity measuring accessories, the water tank is anti-corrosion, drop-resistant and break-resistant;

4. It has the function of constant bulk density measurement;

5. It can automatically determine whether the sample is qualified or not, and give an alarm;

6. It has the functions of actual water temperature setting, measuring medium density setting, saturated medium density setting, air buoyancy compensation setting, density upper and lower limit setting, etc.;

7. The foam indentation hardness testing machine is equipped with a special windproof and dustproof cover, which is easy to combine and firm.