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How to use the drop weight impact tester
date:2022-03-04 popularity:15 Collection

The control part of the drop weight impact testing machine adopts PLC control and touch screen operation display, which has a high degree of automation. It can digitally preset and display the impact height, hanging weight and drop weight; the pneumatic transmission device prevents secondary impact, and the secondary impact capture rate is 100 %. Equipped with full-automatic protection device for personal press (model door press full protection, electric shock protection, etc.).

The equipment is equipped with a buffer device to prevent the impact surface from being damaged by the falling weight; after the test, the impact damage quality and corresponding data are automatically calculated and displayed by the computer; after the test, the test results of all samples can be automatically marked on the table, which is intuitive and clear, and the test data and markup forms can be automatically edited into reports for printing.

The correct use of the drop weight impact testing machine is as follows:

1. According to the test requirements, determine the quality of the hammer body and the impact height, and prepare the sample for use.

2. Determine the quality of the hammer body.

3. Put the hammer rod through the sliding sleeve under the hammer seat, put the selected weight on the hammer rod, and tighten the nut.

4. Turn on the power and enter the working state.

5. Press the "Slow Up" key to lift the hammer body away from the bottom, and press the "Stop" key to facilitate the installation of the sample.

6. Open the laboratory door and place the sample on the V-shaped iron.

7. Observe the status of the red indicator light of the photoelectric switch on the left: off means the sample is too high and the lamp cannot pass; on means the sample is too low and the lamp can pass. Adjust the lifting handwheel so that the bus bar on the sample and the photocell core are on the same level.

8. Determine the height zero point: use the "slow down" and "slow up" keys to make the hammer head just touch the sample, and press the zero point "Xiao zero" on the height display table.

9. Close the protective net and door, press the "quick up" button, the ruler indicates the elevation height, and press the "stop" button after reaching the predetermined height.