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Furniture comprehensive tester
date:2022-03-05 popularity:11 Collection

The furniture comprehensive tester is a larger test instrument. It adopts high-strength European standard aluminum profiles and European standard thickened corner codes to ensure more stability during the test process.

Proportional valve is used to control the accuracy of displacement and force value.

Choose brand muffler to remove cylinder noise.

The orientation function of the test loading unit is connected to the appliance, which can automatically find the test angle according to the test sample, which is ergonomic.

Force sensor capacity: 2500N 1000N (two each)

Force sensor resolution: 1/10000

System force measurement accuracy: ±1% (static) ±5% (dynamic)

Measurement times: 0—999,999 times can be set

Test speed: 10-30 times/min can be set arbitrarily

Control mode: Microcomputer automatic force closed-loop servo control PLC

Loading method: Cylinder loading Cylinder brand: Yadke (the cylinder can be adjusted at 45 degrees)

Loading power: motor

Test piece station: 2 stations

Independence of the test: each station is independently controlled without interfering with each other

Setting method: computer software setting

Data storage method: internal memory and U disk

How to generate reports: Generate reports on the computer in the format required by the customer

Shutdown mode: automatic shutdown when the number of tests is reached

Power supply: 220V 50Hz 3KW

Air source: above 6kgf/cm^2 stable air source (customer provided)

Compliant with standards: QB/T 2280/EN 581-2-3/EN1728/EN572-3/DIN4551