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The role of cabinet door hinge durability testing machine
date:2022-03-05 popularity:17 Collection

The wooden furniture cabinet door hinge durability testing machine is also called the finished door hinge durability testing machine and the cabinet door closing repeated fatigue durability testing machine. It is suitable for evaluating the strength of the hinge to withstand the force behind the backrest and the durability of repeated opening and closing.

technical parameter:

1. Strength test backrest loading force value: over 200kg

2. Strength test direction of backrest loading force: the angle between the output direction and the backrest is 90°±10°

3. Test angle: 0~120° can be set arbitrarily

4. Test speed: 10±5 times/min

5. Test times: 0~999 999 times can be set

6. Force value adjustment method: adjust air pressure + force sensor

7. Air source: stable air source above 6kgf/cm^2

8. Power supply: 1Ф, AC220V, 3A

The test system has a high degree of precision and automation, and can provide a variety of sample experimental conditions, which is suitable for manufacturers, research institutions, and quality inspection units.