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How to maintain the mattress impact tester
date:2022-03-05 popularity:13 Collection

How do we maintain the mattress impact tester Lituo Xiaobian will tell you, first of all, pay attention to cleaning to keep the machine clean at all times, and use a cotton cloth to wipe the machine before and after each use. Also pay attention to rust prevention. It is best to spray anti-rust oil on the metal parts of the machine surface once a week, and pay attention to wipe it after 2 hours. Regularly use lubricating oil to lubricate the transmission parts (such as screws) of the machine every month with ordinary lubricating oil. Also regularly check the control panel keys are normal.

In addition, it is best not to use the mattress impact tester in the following situations

1. Places with direct sunlight

2. High temperature, dusty and humid place

3. The AC power supplied to the machine should be well grounded to ensure safe use

4. Water and sundries should not be injected into the machine to prevent damage to electrical components and electric shock. Only when we carefully maintain the test machine can it work for us for a long time.