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Gas spring mechanical properties tester
date:2022-03-19 popularity:25 Collection

  • Gas spring mechanical properties tester

Spring mechanical characteristics tester is mainly used for the mechanical characteristics detection of lockable gas springs, mainly testing its maximum compression force and minimum compression force value.


Hardware Features

1. Equipped with Panasonic servo motor system, with precision electric cylinder multi-axis positioning technology, displacement accuracy 0.5, smooth transmission;

2. 2~8 working areas can be customized, and the areas can work at the same time, and can also be tested separately;

3. The test module can be manually adjusted up and down, which can be applied to samples of different strokes;

4. Sensors with different force value specifications can be purchased and equipped with corresponding fixtures for testing to meet the testing requirements of different sizes and styles.

Software Features

1. The PLC machine is used for online control, which can effectively avoid the interference of circuit boards, servo drives, etc. on the test data;

2. The controller adopts the company's self-developed force value testing software, and the language can be selected in English, which is intuitive and convenient to operate;

3. Automatic shutdown after the test is completed, and can work alone for a long time;

4. Power-off memory, damage detection, limit protection, overload protection and other designs ensure safer operation.

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