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How to extend the service life of electronic tensile testing machine
date:2022-05-06 popularity:11 Collection

How to prolong the service life of electronic tensile testing machine?

In the process of using the equipment, the service life of the equipment can be extended through reasonable maintenance, so how should it be operated? The editor of Hongjin will introduce to you the secret of prolonging the service life of electronic tensile testing machine, let's take a look!


1. The testing machine works at full load. Each tensile testing machine has its effective measurement range, but there is an optimal use range, preferably not more than 80% of the full range. Working at full scale for a long time will reduce the accuracy and life of the equipment.

2. Inappropriate selection of test speed: Each material has corresponding international requirements for the test speed. Improper selection of the speed will not only affect the life of the equipment, but also the test results will be inaccurate.

3. When the beam of the tensile testing machine moves up and down, it should be carried out smoothly, not fast and slow. This affects the click life. Decrease the accuracy of the entire device.

4. The computer-controlled electronic tensile testing machine, the connection between the microcomputer and the tensile testing machine must be linked according to the instructions, so as to avoid link errors and burn out electrical components.

5. When the test is not used, the broken test sample must be removed to prevent the fixture from being deformed by force for a long time, which is convenient for the next use.

6. Turn off the power supply of the tensile testing machine and the microcomputer when the test is completed and leave the laboratory. On the one hand, it saves electricity, and on the other hand, it ensures the safety and the service life of the electrical devices.

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