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Tension machine manufacturers talk about the method of testing the 180° peel force of adhesive tapes
date:2022-05-06 popularity:20 Collection

Measurement principle

1. The measurement of the force value of the tensile machine is completed by the load cell, the amplifier and the data processing system. It is known from the data mechanics that under the premise of small deformation, the strain ε at a certain point of an elastic element is proportional to the force on the elastic element, and is also proportional to the elastic deformation. Taking the sensor of the S-type testing machine as an example, when the sensor is subjected to the effect of the tensile force P, because the elastic element is pasted with a strain gauge, the strain of the elastic element is proportional to the size of the external force P, so the strain gauge is connected to the measurement circuit. , you can measure its output voltage, and then measure the size of the force.


2. The measurement of deformation is measured by the deformation measurement installation, which is used to measure the deformation of the sample during the experiment. There are two chucks on the device, which are connected with the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measuring device through a series of biomechanical mechanisms. When the distance between the two chucks changes, the shaft of the photoelectric encoder is driven to rotate, and the photoelectric encoder The device will have a pulse signal output. The signal is then processed by the processor, and the deformation of the sample can be obtained.

3. The principle of measuring the displacement of the beam is roughly the same as that of the deformation measurement. The displacement of the beam is obtained by measuring the number of output pulses of the photoelectric encoder.

test tape

We all know that the tensile machine is suitable for a wide range of applications, and there are many names, such as tensile testing machine, electronic tensile machine, material testing machine, servo material testing machine, etc. Today, Hongjin Instrument will explain to you the tensile testing machine. Test method for 90°180° peel force of adhesive tape by strength testing machine.


First, wipe the test steel plate with a clean lint-free cloth dipped in cleaning agent, then dry it with a clean degreased gauze, and repeat the cleaning for more than three times until it is clean. Then bond the tape to the cleaned steel plate, and use a roller to roll back and forth three times on the sample steel plate at a speed of about 12cm/s under its own weight (2.5KG). exist).

After the preparation of the sample, the test should be carried out after standing in the test environment for 3 minutes. Install the sample on the tensile testing machine and record its tensile force. The test results use the magnitude of the pulling force to judge the viscosity of the rubber surface. The greater the pulling force, the higher the viscosity.

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